We are a small hobby breeder located in Odessa, TX.  I met my first Dutch Shepherd in 2011 and bought a mixed working bred puppy in 2015. After getting my feet wet I wanted a purebred to help establish the purebred Dutch Shepherd here in America and imported Zaraza von Grof Box from Romania in 2016. I turned around the next year and brought in a male, Blitz von Grof Box, from the same breeder starting my small program with a great foundation. We had our first litter in 2020. Typically we only produce one litter a year and focus on homes interested in AKC sports or Conformation. We have a very active Facebook group where potential families can get to know our current dogs and families and see what they are doing. For an invite to our group please contact us by email or on Facebook. Our group is very active and supportive of our families. I only start waiting lists when breedings have been confirmed to make sure the breeding is a good fit for the interested family aligned with their goals and expectations. All announcments are placed on our private group first since we feel those families know more about our dogs and what works well in our program. We do have some puppies in pet homes but it is not our main focus and sport/conformation homes take priority when placing puppies. We have several "pet" homes that have used their puppies to learn about AKC sports and now enjoy competing in nearby sports. Our puppies have great temperaments and are confident, stable, biddable family members. We do not focus on any one particular sport over another. All pairings are made with the FCI and AKC standard in mind. We do not produce oversized, out of standard colors, or extreme temperaments. We strive for a traditional farm dog that is versatile and capable of many tasks with it's owner. While we do have several of our puppies working as service dogs we do not sell them for this purpose alone and NEVER recommend them for psychiatric tasks. All of our litters are rasied in our home using ENS and a protocol similar to Puppy Culture exposing them to new people, animals (including livestock), surfaces, sounds, smells, and situations. Since we also train dogs our puppies are exposed to rats for barn hunt, swimming when available, and imprinted on birch at meals for AKC scent work. Pricing for puppies depends on the individual breeding and can be shared to interested parties at the time a list is started. We do require a deposit at 8 weeks of age when we are able to say what puppy a family is offered and the remainder is due at the time of pickup at 10 weeks. Our puppies are microchipped, wormed multiple times, and have two DAPPV shots plus exams at my vet prior to going home. We cover all of the expenses for registration of the microchips, AKC registration, vaccines, exams, and health certificates. New owners are responsible for transport but we do have transporters we trust and can recommend. We also allow people to pick up directly at our location and meet the dogs we have at our hobby farm. We are 30 minutes from Midland International Airport (MAF) and don't mind helping families get to their hotels or rental cars. If you have any questions or would like more information please contact us by email or on Facebook. Below you will see some of the current and past dogs in our program. Our previous litters have all been short hair but we do have plans for long hair Dutch Shepherd breedings in the future.

UCK CH ShawShack Papa Whiskey November

Co-owned with Megan Niell in FL

Currently training in herding & French Ring


OFA CHIC 184159 & Embark Clear

ShawShack Bravo Zulu

6 points toward CM
Certified Therapy Dog with
Alliance of Therapy Dogs
Service Dog

Working on AKC Scent Work

OFA CHIC 180796 & Embark Clear

Saga Winx Ulyx in Parigi


Embark Clear

OFA hips good & elbows normal

Working on Rally & Scent Work

Blitz von Grof Box


OFA Hips Good

Working on Barn Hunt, Dock, & Fast CAT in his retirement home

Zaraza von Grof Box


OFA Hips Good

Working on AKC Rally in her retirement home